Your Practical Blueprint to Entrepreneurial Success in 2024

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Welcome to "How Do I Build the Life and Business of My Dreams?" For early-stage entrepreneurs facing the harsh reality that more than half of new businesses fail in the first five years, this session is your practical guide to success. We'll define what success looks like in 2024, conduct a check-up of your business, and dive straight into a workshop crafting your 1-year and 90-day game plans.

Equip yourself to live the entrepreneurial dream while sidestepping potential nightmares. Join us for a collaborative, help-first discussion that will increase your odds of success while reaching for your goals in 2024.

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Ryan Henry


Ryan Henry is a co-founder and the Visionary behind Entrepreneurial Leap. He is driven by his unwavering passion to help entrepreneurs succeed. Having embarked on his own journey of starting, failing, learning, and ultimately succeeding in business ventures from a young age, Ryan has cultivated a wealth of first-hand knowledge. This deep well of experience equips him to empower other entrepreneurs to increase their chances of achieving remarkable success.

Ryan understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, having navigated and triumphed over numerous hurdles throughout his own journey. His life’s mission is to share his insights and wisdom, ensuring that emerging entrepreneurs can build the businesses of their dreams.

Through his work with Entrepreneurial Leap and the Entrepreneurial Leap Academy, Ryan is an inspirational guide for early-stage entrepreneurs, offering them the practical tools and support needed to transform their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.


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