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Your Practical Blueprint to Entrepreneurial Success in 2024

Welcome to "How Do I Build the Life and Business of My Dreams?" For early-stage entrepreneurs facing the harsh reality that more than half of new businesses fail in the first five years, this session is your practical guide to success. We'll define what success looks like in 2024, conduct a check-up of your business, and dive straight into a workshop crafting your 1-year and 90-day game plans.

Turning Rookies Into Rockstars

Businesses are realizing they need to be more competitive in what they offer, like salary, benefits, and flexibility. But there's more to standing out than just these things. One way is to support learning and skills development. In the Green Industry, finding and keeping workers is tough. Companies that give employees chances to grow have an edge because people want employers who invest in their future. Let us help guide you in building onboarding and development experiences that take employee goals and align them with company objectives.

Succession Planning for the Family Business

The purpose of this session is to help you understand the issues involved with the transfer of a family business and what options are available to accomplish the transfer of a family business. 

Topics that will be covered in this session include pre-transfer planning, preliminary transaction matters, pre-closing matters, key terms and conditions of the transaction, key transaction documents, closing matters, and post-closing matters.

Don’t Just Think – KNOW the Value of Your Business

Business owners often think they know what their business is worth, until they go to sell it… and then they get a rude awakening. Avoid that moment and know exactly what your business is worth. This session pulls back the curtain on business valuation methods and provides attendees with insight into how to build value in their businesses.

Whether an owner plans to sell to a third party or to a family member, the steps required to build value lead to a more successful outcome for everyone involved.

AI and the Green Industry: What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You

AI tools have been around for a long time but they are just starting to become more mainstream.  Learn how generative AI tools work, how you can use them to be more efficient with marketing, and how they will affect your customers' ability to find you via search. Leave this session with a basic understanding of how AI will affect your business and how you can make sure that it has a positive effect.

Spring Clean Your Website & Dust Off Your Email Program

Get your digital ducks in a row. Update your website for a fantastic 2024 season. Learn how updates that you might not know about can make a big difference. Make sure your website and email marketing are working together.

With all of the changes happening with online search and algorithm disruptions, it's more important than ever that you have a direct line to your customers to communicate important information. Leave with a DIY cheat sheet and an email roadmap to make it easy for you!

Developing a Niche Landscape Business

To set your company apart from the pack, you have to offer something different and attractive – It has to be the best of you, your team, your creativity, and your joy of interaction with your clients. In broad brush strokes, this presentation will address the development of your “brand”, your personal development as a business person as well as your personal development outside of your business.

A Building Block Approach to Human Resources:  A Step-by-Step Guide for Building an Effective Human Resources Function

Whether a landscaping company has 10 employees, or 50 employees, or even a couple of hundred employees, it must have a human resources function that is simple, legal, and results-oriented.  Regardless of organizational size, the human resources plan must be developed according to systematic best practices that minimize legal liability, ensure efficiency, and promote sustained company success.

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