Outside-the-Box Solutions for Landscape Problems

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Common landscape problems need not be solved in common ways! John will address creative methods for noise remediation, stormwater management, creative screening/ masking of problem areas, etc. 


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John DeVore

Formerly in the greater Cincinnati area, John’s firm, DeVore’s Land and Water, is currently located in Citrus County, Florida. For more than 40 years, his specialty has been in the creation of functionally artistic gardens.

As a landscape and garden designer, he strives to bring the healing and restorative power of nature to an accessible level for a homeowner or business, regardless of location or size. As an educator and public speaker, John has trained professionals as well as garden enthusiasts nationally and internationally in design, stone construction and aesthetics, hardscape, water features, Japanese garden principles and horticultural practices.

DeVore's Land and Water