Plants & Design

Building Creative Plant Compositions

Plant compositions are endless, ranging from small arrangements in containers to large expansive borders.  Strategic approaches in developing plant compositions integrate garden type, functional considerations, structural framework within the group, the overall dimension of the proposed landscape space, and proposed plant types. 

We will examine these factors and explore simple techniques used to build creative plant compositions.

Designing for Four Seasons

Travel a full year through the landscape as Matthew shares techniques for ensuring successful seasonal plantings. From using different layers in design to finding plants with multiple seasons of interest, this program will have you rethink the way in which seasonal color is utilized in the landscape.

The lecture includes a hands-on design element where attendees will create a design for seasonal interest in a small residential backyard. No tools necessary as trace paper, base maps, and a drafting pen will be provided.

Redefining Winter

There's nothing more rewarding than expanding your clients' use of their landscape. Whether it's exterior lighting, adding in a fire pit, or installing a new container garden. As an industry we focus heavily on the bonus time that hardscape elements add to the enjoyment and entertainment value of the landscape. What if those same concepts were applied to winter?

The Form and Function of Naturalistic Design: From the Front Door to the Edges

Good naturalistic design should leave one wondering what was there first, the structures or the landscape. The goal is to create spaces that have the same feel as an exceptionally beautiful and peaceful spot that you might discover on a walk in the wilds.

This presentation illuminates what makes that happen and design weaknesses that conflict with that goal.

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