Don’t Just Think – KNOW the Value of Your Business

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Business owners often think they know what their business is worth, until they go to sell it… and then they get a rude awakening. Avoid that moment and know exactly what your business is worth. This session pulls back the curtain on business valuation methods and provides attendees with insight into how to build value in their businesses.

Whether an owner plans to sell to a third party or to a family member, the steps required to build value lead to a more successful outcome for everyone involved.

Phil Harwood

Phil Harwood

Phil Harwood is the owner of Tamarisk Business Advisors, GrowTheBench, and Snowfighters Institute. He is widely considered as one of the leading consultants in the professional landscape and snow management industries in North America, with almost four decades of industry experience.

Phil holds an Executive MBA with honors and Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing, both from Michigan State University, and is currently pursuing a law degree.

Phil is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, Grand Rapids Bar Association, Christian Legal Society, Federalist Society, and the Exit Planning Institute.

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