Artistic Flourishes, Pots with a Purpose: The Exciting World of Container Culture

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A look at the breadth of container gardening styles and techniques. Different types of containers and their designs are discussed as well as some favorite plants and combinations for container culture.

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Dan Benarcik

Dan’s life has been a persistent collision of horticulture, art, teaching and design. He has built his career nurturing this exhilarating intersection and considers himself fortunate to be employed at a garden where he can showcase all of these skills.

In 1993, Dan began working at Chanticleer Garden in Wayne, PA, when it was in its infancy. He now oversees the Courtyard Gardens with an emphasis on tropical, sub-tropical, and tender perennials for seasonal display. His position at Chanticleer affords the privilege of creating and maintaining the visitor's first and last impression of the garden. Dan shares his passion for horticulture through speaking, writing and volunteering.

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