Can Soil Additives Improve Tree Transplant Success? A Look at the Science Behind the Hype

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An array of products are marketed to improve tree establishment. These include natural products such as mycorrhizal inoculants and biostimulants as well as plant growth regulators, polymer gels and other synthetic compounds. Nearly all of these additives have a theoretical basis for why they should improve tree establishment. In practice, however, tree responses to additives often do not match the hype.

In this presentation, Dr. Bert Cregg (MSU Dept. of Horticulture and Dept. of Forestry) will review field-based research on additives and the how and why of which work, and which don’t.

Dr. Bert Cregg

Dr. Bert Cregg

Dr. Bert Cregg is an Extension Specialist and Professor of Horticulture and Forestry at Michigan State University. He conducts research and extension programming on physiology and management of trees in landscapes, nurseries and Christmas tree production. A major focus of his program is the interface between nurseries and the landscape to improve tree establishment and long-term survival.

Prior to joining the faculty at Michigan State University, he was a research tree physiologist for International Paper and the USDA Forest Service.

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