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Marcela Tabares

Marcela is a PhD candidate double majoring in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and the Environmental Science and Policy Program (ESPP) at Michigan State University. She studies the microbial communities that drive agrochemical (nutrients and pesticides) in natural and agricultural ecosystems. Marcela also works with cooperating growers to scale up bioreactors for the cost-effective treatment of agricultural run-offs and recycling of water.

Michigan State University

Woodchip Bioreactors for Improving Water Quality: How They Work and What They Do

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Woodchip bioreactors are low-cost systems that have been used for reducing nitrate concentration in runoff water from a variety of agricultural operations. Our program has been investigating these bioreactors for remediation of a range of other agrichemicals at the lab-scale, and recently, in partnership with a West Michigan large commercial greenhouse operation.