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Dr. Tom Fernandez

Dr. Tom Fernandez is a professor in the Department of Horticulture at Michigan State University. His research and extension program focus areas are on water quality and management for container nursery production. He is particularly interested in new technology for horticulture, both for research and industry use.

Along with water quality research, he is investigating the use of RFID to facilitate precision agriculture practices for container production. He is also an avid gardener despite the depredations of deer and other pesky critters.

Michigan State University

Using RFID for Tracking Inventory at a Large Outdoor Production Nursery

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Radio Frequency Identification has been around for decades and, while practical application has skyrocketed in many industries, challenges in the production environment have limited successful implementation in nursery and greenhouse production. However, recent innovations in RFID tag technology and interest by one of the world leaders in RFID labeling has eliminated many of these barriers to RFID label use.