Team Leader

Team Leader

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The team leader is responsible for curating a community of family and connection, encouraging healthy thinking
and work practices, and fostering leadership skills in a safe, caring environment by serving the community around
them with intentional gardening practices.

List of Duties:
● Ability to lead & motivate the team by example in living out the company’s culture
● Assist in training programs (safety standards, efficient procedures, culture)
● Assist in loading and unloading tools & supplies for the job
● Help manage tool maintenance programs
● Tool inventory and product availability
● Assist in plant and product pick-up and delivery
● Participate in team hiring interviews
● Assist with onsite team & task coordination
● Assist in creating a strong ownership culture leading by example
● Act as a mediator between leadership and team
● Regularly update time cards & make sure staff has appropriate times
● Assist in transporting staff & materials to & from job sites
● Communication in professional MTG culture
● Onsite customer relations and flexibility to accommodate
● Must be able to complete all functions & duties of landscape crew competently
● Praise what we want repeated; correct in private with grace & humility

Full time, seasonal from approximately April 15th –Dec 15th
● Desired skills include knowledge of perennials, physical stamina, and good driving abilities
● Must be able to lift 50 lbs
● Common job tasks: prune trees & shrubs, plant flowers, and shrubs, lay mulch, move materials
with a wheelbarrow, dig holes, shovel dirt, pull weeds, rake gardens
● Has a background in landscaping or garden interest and adaptable to all types of outdoor
● Best case scenario: Resident of North Macomb

Salary: (Starting wage: DOE) Will be reviewed after 2 weeks and at specific intervals throughout the employee’s career.

Job Type: Part-time, Seasonal, Avg. 30-40 hrs per week. Seasonal position from approximately April 15th –Nov 15th,
depending on the weather

How to Apply: or call or text 231-633-2392