Workshop en Developing Great Crew Leaders Workshop (Additional fee required to attend) <span>Developing Great Crew Leaders Workshop (Additional fee required to attend)</span> <span><span lang="" about="/users/jenmnlaorg" typeof="schema:Person" property="schema:name" datatype=""></span></span> <span>Wed, 12/20/2023 - 9:35 AM</span> <div class="conference_session__session-type"> <div><a href="/session-track/overview-all-sessions" hreflang="en">Overview (All sessions)</a></div> <div><a href="/session-track/workshop" hreflang="en">Workshop</a></div> </div> <div class="conference_session__date-time"> <div>Start Date/Time</div> <div><time datetime="2024-01-24T14:30:00Z">Wed, 01/24/2024 - 9:30 AM</time> </div> </div> <div class="conference_session__end-date-time"> <div>End Date/Time</div> <div><time datetime="2024-01-24T17:00:00Z">Wed, 01/24/2024 - 12:00 PM</time> </div> </div> <div class="conference_session__body"><p><em>Additional fee required to atttend. Please see the registration form for pricing.</em></p> <p>They say that people don’t quit companies, they quit their supervisors. Crew leaders not only have a direct impact on the performance of jobs, they have a direct impact on employee retention.  Every crew leader has the potential to become a great crew leader. In other words, companies don’t need to find great crew leaders – they need to develop their existing ones.</p> <p>The heart of the workshop is the Great Crew Leader Scoring Guide. This is a five-part assessment for each crew leader and manager to complete during the workshop. Each part covers one of the five primary roles of a crew leader: worker, driver, supervisor, trainer, and leader. This scoring guide then becomes an excellent tool for re-assessment and continued improvement.</p> </div> <div class="conference_session__presenter"> <div>Presenter</div> <div> <div> <article data-history-node-id="1197" role="article" about="/presenter/phil-harwood" class="node"> <header> <h2> <a href="/presenter/phil-harwood" rel="bookmark"> <span>Phil Harwood</span> </a> </h2> </header> <div class="content"> <div class="presenter__first-name">Phil</div> <div class="presenter__last-name">Harwood</div> <div class="presenter__body"><p>Phil Harwood is the owner of Tamarisk Business Advisors, GrowTheBench, and Snowfighters Institute. He is widely considered as one of the leading consultants in the professional landscape and snow management industries in North America, with almost four decades of industry experience.</p> <p>Phil holds an Executive MBA with honors and Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing, both from Michigan State University, and is currently pursuing a law degree.</p> <p>Phil is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, Grand Rapids Bar Association, Christian Legal Society, Federalist Society, and the Exit Planning Institute.</p> </div> <div class="presenter__picture"> <img loading="lazy" src="/sites/default/files/2022-12/Harwood_Phil.jpg" width="5472" height="3648" alt="Phil Harwood" typeof="foaf:Image" /> </div> <div class="presenter__company-2">Tamarisk Business Advisors</div> </div><!-- /.content --> <div class="links"> </div><!-- /.links --> </article><!-- /.node --> </div> </div> </div> Wed, 20 Dec 2023 14:35:20 +0000 1522 at