Will H-2A Work for You? H-2A Guest Worker Visa Program Basics

Jan 28 2019 - 10:00am

This presentation will cover all things regarding the H-2a guest worker visa program. We will also discuss how our company, Overlook Harvesting Michigan, LLC, can help with your labor needs.  To close, we will take questions from the audience regarding the H-2a Guest Worker Visa program.

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Overlook Harvesting Michigan, LLC

Luke Bakker was born and raised in Hart, Michigan.  Bakker graduated from Hart High School and earned his bachelors degree in business and law from Central Michigan University.  

Luke Bakker has an extensive agriculture background.  His parents, John and Marijo Bakker run and operate the Michigan Asparagus Research Program.  Bakker, also spent 9 years working at Greenstone Farm Credit Services, working in multiple capacities, but most recently as the Regional Vice President of Sales and Customer Relations.  In December of 2016, Bakker resigned from his role at farm credit to start an H-2a Farm Labor Contracting Company.  Today, Bakker is a co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Overlook Harvesting Michigan, LLC.  Bakker has a passion for helping growers with all of their labor needs.

Bakker has been married to his wife, Martha, for 6 years and they have one son, Findley.  Bakker and has wife are expecting their second child any minute, due January 30th.

Overlook Harvesting Company LLC

Bo Bentley was born and raised in Winter Haven, FL.  Bentley earned a bachelors degree in business management from the University of South Florida and then earned a Master of Agribusiness degree from The University of Florida.  After graduating college, Bentley joined the family business in 2000.  

Bentley is part of the 4th generation of a family which has been actively involved in the Central Florida citrus and cattle business since the 1940's.  Bentley's family has been involved in the agricultural labor and harvesting business since 1983.  After dealing with severe labor shortages during the 2005 FL Citrus crop, Bentley and his cousins became early adopters of the H-2A temporary guest worker program and started an H-2A company of their own, Overlook Harvesting Company.  

Since then, Overlook Harvesting has become a leading supplier of professional, turnkey H-2A harvesting and labor solutions and will have approximately 800 H-2A employees this upcoming season.  Overlook currently operates in FL, NC, IN, IL and MI.  Bentley is passionate about assisting growers with thier agricultural labor needs.  Bentley has been married to his wife Jeaniene for 16 years and they have three children, Trey, Elizabeth, and Jesse.