Where the Water Hits the Plant - Proper Irrigation Application and Uniformity

Jan 29 2019 - 8:00am

This session provides an overview of irrigation water application options and their proper selection and usage. Precipitation rates, uniformity, and the role soil plays in irrigation will be reviewed.

Attendees will learn when and where to properly use drip, micro, spray, and rotary nozzles and how to select the right option for every application.

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Federal Irrigation Supply

Starting as a summer helper for an irrigation contractor in West Michigan while attending college, John has been working in the industry since 1977. John has worked in virtually every aspect of both the contracting and distribution portions of irrigation, from installation, service, design, estimating, and management at the contractor level to warehouse work, counter sales, inventory control, road sales, deliveries, and management in distribution.

In addition, since the mid-1980s John has been teaching, consulting and mentoring many irrigation professionals in technical and business matters across the country.  Starting with a CID in Residential Design in the 80s, John has added additional IA Certifications in Commercial and Golf Design, Contracting, and Auditing over the years as well as numerous manufacturer’s certifications and other industry related academic achievements.

John has been an active volunteer for the industry at every level and currently sits on the Irrigation Council at Michigan’s MNLA, is an Instructor for the IA, and is involved in numerous programs for the National Association of Landscape Professionals including Day on the Hill and Renewal and Remembrance.