Utilizing Drones for Evergreen Inventory and Health Analysis

Jan 22 2018 - 10:00am

Unmanned Aerial Systems, otherwise known as Drones, have become useful tools for agricultural activities over the past few years.  However, up to this point, drones have mostly been used to map cash crops or simply scout farmland. This discussion will focus on research undertaken by RS&GIS at Michigan State University – Specifically, the fusion of drones and geographic information systems (GIS).  Robert Goodwin, the Senior GIS Analyst at RS&GIS, will discuss methods for efficiently inventorying Christmas Trees and other evergreens and mapping differences in plant health. Additionally, Mr. Goodwin will detail how individual farm managers can participate in drone collection to support their inventory activities.  

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Michigan State University

Robert Goodwin is the Senior Geospatial Analyst at RS&GIS, Michigan State University.  Robert attended Michigan State University where he obtained degrees in Wildlife Management and Spatial Information Processing.  He has worked as a geospatial analyst for over 19 years and specializes in GIS analysis, image processing, image interpretation, geospatial modeling, unmanned aerial systems, GNSS data collection and project management.  Robert serves as the project manager on most RS&GIS geospatial data projects and is the lead trainer at RS&GIS where he teaches applied geospatial courses to professionals in government and private industry.