Shrubs That Will Change the Way We Landscape

Jan 29 2019 - 4:15pm

It used to be that shrubs were the bones and background of the garden. They were big plants, that bloomed for two weeks or less and then they faded into oblivion. All of that has changed.

Plant breeders the world over have reinvented the shrub and with that, the way we use them in our gardens and landscapes.

Join Tim as he highlights some of the most interesting breakthroughs in plant breeding and how designers can use them to make better gardens and landscapes.

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Tim Wood has this really tough job at Spring Meadow - he travels the world looking for new plants for the Proven Winners plant brand. He gets to meet fun people and sample the local food, beer and wine - someone has to do it. He is a fourth generation plantsman that started on his father’s nursery at the age of eight. His on-the-job training came at Longwood Gardens, The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, the Chicago Botanic Garden, Kingwood Center and Zelenka Nursery. He has bred over 100 patented plants, many of which are grown around the world.

He has published articles and photographs in major nursery and gardening magazines, hosted a radio show and published three books; “Tree and Shrub Gardening for Michigan,” “The Best Garden Plants” and “Gardening Month by Month.” You can buy them at Amazon-They're great gifts! Tim has a passion to share his love and knowledge of plants with others – that’s you.