Profit is Important But Cash Flow is Critical

Jan 28 2019 - 9:00am

Once proper labor pricing is determined, the next major obstacle is cash flow. Cash flow puts more companies out of business than any other single thing, except improper pricing. This full-day workshop “walks” the contractor through the process of developing a month by month, department by department, cash flow budget. The budget then tells each contractor what department is making money and which isn’t, and projects their monthly cash flow needs. During the session we discuss payables, receivables, and a formal collection's policy. Numerous cash flow tips are presented and the use of  credit cards is discussed along with how to set up a line of credit.

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Grandy & Associates

Tom Grandy has over 50 years of experience in industry and small business. He has worked as the general manager of a service company, is Regional Director of Company Development for the DIAL ONE franchise and is the founder of Grandy & Associates. The vision of Grandy & Associates is to “teach contractors how to run profitable businesses”. We accomplish our vision through business training workshops and seminars, one-on-one consulting and educational materials (i.e., software, brochures, manuals, newsletters, CDs and DVDs).

Tom also developed the industries’ leading software modeling program called “Labor Pricing for a Profit with Cash Flow Projections”. In addition, Grandy & Associates are the founders of the “Profit University Audio Series” for owners and managers. Tom Grandy writes articles for numerous trade publications including: The News, Contracting Business, HVAC Insider and monthly articles in Sweeping Magazine, Reeves Journal, RSES Journal and Contracting Canada.

Tom routinely presents at national and state conventions for QSC, PHCC, Aquatech, Florida Pool and Spa Association, ACCA, MCA, SMACNA plus Comfortech. In addition to trade associations, Grandy & Associates does extensive business-training for contractors through wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers across the country including many national franchises.