Pollinators and Pesticides

Jan 23 2018 - 1:00pm

Pollinators are essential for growing the foods we eat and for a healthy environment, but many of the tools that we use to control pests can harm pollinators.  In this seminar we will discuss the history and biology of pollinators, and what pollinators are important in Michigan, and how they are affected by pesticides.  We will cover how to select pesticides that are less toxic to pollinators, as well as discuss strategies that can be used to reduce risk to pollinators when using pesticides.

Session Track: 
Turf & Landscape Management


Michigan State University

Dr. Milbrath is an academic specialist in the Department of Entomology and is the coordinator of the Michigan Pollinator Initiative, a program started at MSU to address concerns related to pollinators and pollination, and to work on understanding the threats and solutions for bees in Michigan.  She performs pollinator-related research and extension work, and works with beekeepers and stakeholders around the country.  She started keeping bees over 20 years ago, and currently owns and manages The Sand Hill apiaries.