Labor and the Green Industry: From Recruiting to Retaining

Jan 30 2019 - 8:00am

The labor shortage presents a serious challenge for the green industry, resulting a multi-tiered strategy to address this challenge. In addition to industry-wide initiatives, individual companies and managers are finding great success by understanding and embracing six major shifts occurring in the workplace that have a direct impact on employee engagement, retention, and attractiveness as an employer. The labor situation is only an insurmountable problem if you fail to act.

This session will provide you with research-based insights, real-life examples, and proven action steps to address what otherwise may become an existential crisis.

Session Track: 
Leadership & Labor


Phil Harwood is a managing partner with, one of three companies he has founded since retiring from a successful landscape and snow management career.  Phil holds an Executive MBA with honors and Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing, both from Michigan State University.  He was nominated “Alumnus of the Decade” by Michigan State’s Executive MBA Program. 

In addition, he is a Certified Snow Professional, Landscape Industry Certified Manager, National Association of Landscape Professionals Trailblazer, and Landscape Ontario Preferred Consultant. Phil is a management consultant, frequent guest speaker, and contributing writer for several publications and websites. His consulting firm, Pro-Motion Consulting, has been recognized twice by the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) with the prestigious Snow Industry Commitment Award.