Harmonizing Planting with Stone in the Garden

Jan 22 2018 - 9:00am

Stone can be used in many styles in the garden…focal points, formal walls, paving, and naturalized informal terracing. Choosing the right plants and planting styles in combination with the stone elements unifies the garden year-round.

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DeVore’s Land and Water Gardens

John DeVore is a lifelong student of all things natural.  He is President of DeVore’s Land and Water Gardens, established 1979, and has used his business as an excuse to pursue design, horticulture, water aesthetics, stone construction, and travel.

He is an active participant in the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, The Stone Foundation, the International Professional Pond Companies Association, and the North American Japanese Garden Society.  He was also the founding U.S. partner of Garden Design School from the UK, and has trained designers and professionals in design, aesthetic boulder and stone construction, and water feature construction.

His interests always run towards aesthetics and experience.  Experiencing the wonders of nature fuels the creative impulse, and working with his hands has allowed him to grow as garden artist, enabling him to bring some of that wonder into people’s lives.