Fert, Dirt, and Squirt: Nutritional Monitoring of Greenhouse Crops

Jan 28 2019 - 1:40pm

The basic fundamentals for growing plants are fertilizer, substrate, and water. A nutritional management and monitoring program starts with knowing what is in the container. In-house nutrient monitoring provides you with key pH and EC values needed for successful crop production.

Join Dr. W. Garrett Owen of MSU as he discusses fert, dirt, and squirt and some of the key pieces of equipment needed to establish an in-house nutrient monitoring program.

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Oakland County Floriculture & Greenhouse Production

W. Garrett Owen is the Floriculture and Greenhouse Production Outreach Specialist based in Oakland County. He serves greenhouses in Eastern Michigan including the Metro-Detroit area. His major program initiatives include: propagation, efficient production of greenhouse crops and herbaceous perennials, greenhouse and nursery substrates, and crop diagnostics.