Building a Garden on Belle Isle

Jan 28 2019 - 11:00am

Piet Oudolf's public gardens transform people and places and he has committed to creating one of his transformative, living pieces of art in Detroit on Belle Isle, a favorite and meaningful place for Detroiters. Piet Oudolf has changed the way we create and interact with public gardens. His gardens, designed for year-round enjoyment, use an inspired and environmentally conscious mix of native and other hearty perennial plants. Each garden is unique and created to be location and site-specific. The plans for the project will be discussed.

Session Track: 
Landscape Design/Build


Oudolf Garden Detroit

Duncan Campbell is a leader in Oudolf Garden Detroit, an all-volunteer group operating under the Belle Isle Conservancy which is bringing the internationally renowned garden designer Piet Oudolf to Belle Isle in Detroit.  Duncan’s professional background includes technology, commercial real estate and political management. He is founder and vice president of sales at Mapping Solutions, a business geographic software and consulting company. His personal interests include art, riding Italian motor scooters, laughing about politics, shooting clay birds, identifying deciduous trees, studying history, drinking wine, skiing fast and camping on lakes.

Oudolf Garden Detroit