Booming Business! Take Your Designs, Installs, and Maintenance to the Next Level

Jan 24 2018 - 3:00pm

PSSSSST…There’s a BIG secret you might be missing for converting short-term business to long-term. Christina Salwitz is a nursery worker and horticulturist of many years, turned designer. She discovered an answer that seems to elude so many small businesses.  By asking the right questions, consciously making the right connections, and supporting clients with high-end skill sets, capturing your share of the market can be simple – when you know the secret. Come away from this energetic talk with a new way to move forward. Get more sales, and get better quality sales that create long-lasting relationships.

Session Track: 
Outdoor Living Spaces


The Personal Garden Coach

Christina Salwitz is a vibrant, lively container designer, public speaker and horticultural photojournalist.  Her containers’ designs are regularly featured in magazines across the country.  She is a teacher, garden designer, demonstrator for tips and techniques, and an expert in organic gardening. Christina possesses in-depth horticultural industry knowledge, marketing and merchandising expertise and a successful track record in increasing business income by significant percentages. Experience in world-class nurseries as a buyer and merchandiser for more than 20 years, Christina has heard it all!  With a special focus on saving MONEY, TIME and LABOR, she has become foremost in gardening education for many years.