Production Teammate

Production Teammate

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Looking for outdoor work that makes our world a little greener? Come propagate plants with us at a wholesale level where we make a difference by producing and selling plants that help people, our environment, and our future.

Essential Functions & Focus
•    Propagates plants from cuttings, seeds, and division.
•    Assists in other departments as needed.

Required Education, Knowledge and Skills
•    Minimum of 16 years old.
•    Ability to work consistently, reads and follows instructions, and works with others as part of a team.
•    Previous nursery experience preferred.
•    Must be coordinated and fast with eyes and hands.
•    Learns and develops specific knowledge as it relates to the production of our product line.
•    Proficient in mathematics and reading.
•    Brute strength is not necessary, but stamina and endurance are critical.
•    Able to lift up to 50 pounds is required.

•    Time and a half for overtime.
•    4% earnings bonus mid-year and year-end based on attendance standards and employment status.
•    Paid Medical Leave: 40 hours prorated based on hire date.

Company Focus
We’re a wholesale perennial plant nursery. We also provide a pre-vegetated green roof module system and a living green wall product.

Hourly: $10.09 – $12.06 plus piecework
Starting wage dependent on experience:
Zero or no farm experience = $10.09/hour
One to Two years of farm experience = $10.41/hour
Three plus years of farm experience = $10.89/hour

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