Vic Foerster

West Michigan Tree Services

Vic Foerster is a consulting arborist with West Michigan Tree Services.  His clients include Grand Valley State University, the City of Grand Rapids, as well as several municipal, commercial and residential properties, including caring for 92-year old Mrs. Dockery’s crabapple tree, his toughest client he says.

Vic is a Past Chairman to the Michigan DNR’s Urban Forestry Advisory Committee and is a current advisor for the City of Grand Rapids Urban Forestry Project. He’s written several articles on the proper care of trees for national and regional magazines.

His books, Naked in the Stream, Isle Royale Stories and Hidden in the Trees, an Isle Royale Sojourn have received critical acclaim. Naked in the Stream was selected as the Michigan Library of Congress’ Great Lakes Reads selection for 2017 and his new book, Hidden in the Trees, is currently under Michigan Notable Book consideration. The Grand Rapids Press describes Naked in the Stream as “an intimate, ongoing story of how a Great Lake’s wilderness affects the people who venture to one of the most remote national parks.”  

Vic brings his unique perspective as a consulting arborist, his passion for preserving trees and the wilderness, as well as his love for his four grandchildren to his presentations.


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