General Retail Manager

General Retail Manager

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The General Manager will report to the CEO.  This is a Seasonal position from approximately March thru December, additional hour available in January- Feb. doing other tasks for our Company.  Peak season will require greater than 40 hours a week and availability during week-ends.  Employees filling this position will professionally reflect our corporation’s market strategy and mission statement when conducting any and all community relations and/or business activities. Enthusiasm for creating a unique and inspiring shopping experience is a must.  Within the limits established by the CEO, the General Manager is responsible for the complete operation of the Retail Site as follows:


  • Manage for a profit to the Company the following departments, Annual Retail Sales, Perennial Retail Sales, Tree & Shrub Retail Sales, Front End personnel (Cashiers & Carry outs), Hardlines Sales
  • Direct daily Retail Operations: to include Hours of Operation, Quality Control, Computer Operations, Inventory control, Receiving, Guest deliveries  
  • Business Management – to include Expense Control, Sales Records, Sales Analysis, Inventory Records, Operating Records, Donations, Fundraisers, Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and labeling
  • Communications- to include Public and Guest relations, Advertising, Services, Promos, Events, Pricing, Signage, intra- and inter- store communications
  • Personnel – to include hiring, training, scheduling, evaluating and coaching of employees; delegating tasks and establishing accountability
  • Merchandising – to include physical site layout in accordance with seasonal merchandising plans, restocking of plants and hard goods, appropriate signage, vending machines
  • Housekeeping and Safety – to include safety and security of all personnel and property, store improvements, trash disposal, garden and grounds maintenance, building and equipment maintenance, compliance with applicable laws, regulations and labeling
  • Plant Care and Quality Control – to include watering and weeding schedule, climate control, ongoing inspections for quality/pest/disease issues and follow up to grower



  • Ensure hiring to fill all open direct report positions, i.e. Front End Retail Manager, Perennial Retail Manager, Annual Retail Manager, Tree & Shrub Retail Manager, Hardlines Retail Manager, Retail Trainer/Orientation Leader
  • Ensure hiring of all open Team Leader and Sales Associate positions in accordance with Organizational Chart and seasonal needs
  • Ensure implementation of available training/orientation classes as deemed necessary by management
  • Ensure procurement and receipt of retail product within budgetary guidelines and company policy
  • Ensure safety, condition and layout of retail site in preparation for retail opening.
  • Work with Department Managers to establish programs for Advertising, Pricing, and Public/Guest Relations
  •  Establish setup and functionality of POSITIVE Retail registers, ensuring all components in good working order, completed systems modifications and implemented training for all involved sales personnel
  • Validate working status of all climate control devices, including furnaces, fans, irrigation equipment, roof vents, flood benches etc.
  • Ensure completion of required certification and licenses for operation of heavy equipment within prescribed time frames                   


  • Ensure safe access to building for all scheduled employees in advance of scheduled start times
  • Ensure all retail areas are prepared to open 15 minutes prior to established opening time
  • Daily walk thru of all departments to establish needed maintenance, restocking or housekeeping tasks to be accomplished and communicating such tasks
  • Ensure appropriate scheduling within departments to address guest needs and labor budgets to include considerations such as weather conditions, absences, events, sales, etc. that affect staffing needs.
  • Ensure excellent guest service, by assisting with customers and handling problems, as appropriate
  • Coordinating delivery arrangements with guests, in conjunction with the AR Manager, PR Manager, T&S R Manager and Delivery staff
  • Ensure established policies and procedures are implemented and adhered to
  • Ensure accountability and follow up on completion of assigned tasks and/or projects as directed and in a timely manner


  • Participate in Weekly Walk Thru with CEO to communicate merchandising decisions, pricing, quality, events, etc.
  • Respond to weekly Dept Manager communications as set forth in current Department Plans
  • Lead/delegate Weekly Staff Meetings to communicate goals, old/new business, employee morale, etc.
  • Approve completion of Time Cards within Company policies
  • Schedule weekly office day to complete necessary administrative functions: sales reports, schedules, operating and personnel records, promotional needs, signage etc.
  • Communicate with Advertising/Marketing group to establish/implement guest perks for each week
  • Establish schedule for plant maintenance, irrigation, fertilization, pesticide application, within Retail area.
  • Establish schedule for planting, weeding, watering, fertilization of demonstration beds, gardens and grounds in and surrounding Retail area.


  • Participate in Monthly Manager Meetings to communicate Sales Goals, etc.
  • Maintain memberships in trade organizations


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Project Planning and Implementation skills
  • Thorough knowledge of plants, nursery, greenhouse, and plant related products
  • Strong conflict resolution skills and ability to work easily with management, employees and guests
  • Understanding of computers, servers and networks; knowledge of POSITIVE Retail Systems desirable
  • Strong business and organizational skills

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