Cultural Teammate

Cultural Teammate

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Essential Functions & Focus
•    Maintain production and stock plants in great health through pruning, tying, staking, weeding, and sorting.
•    Assists in other departments as needed
•    Weeds, plants, mulches, or performs other duties related to the care of our plants.

Required Education, Knowledge and Skills
•    Minimum of 16 years old.
•    No specific education is needed; however, must be interested in learning and developing specific knowledge as it relates to the care of our product line.
•    Must be coordinated and fast with their eyes and hands.
•    Hard working team players who are capable of working well in small groups.
•    Often lifting up to 25-35 pounds is required.
•    Brute strength is not necessary, but stamina and endurance are critical.

Hourly: $10.09 – $12.06 plus piecework, time and half for overtime, and 4% earnings bonus mid-year and year end based on attendance standards and employment status.

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