Certified Lawn Care Technicians

Certified Lawn Care Technicians

Hundred Acre Woods  · Full-time  · $16 / hour

Job Description
• Apply granular fertilizer and liquid weed control to lawns.

• Apply pest control.

• Evaluate clients lawn each visit, note problems and/or concerns, diagnose disease, insect, other problems that may be present. Make detailed notes for client.

• Keeping customers informed about practices, expected results, products, etc.

• Keeping office up to date with any issues or concerns

• Ability to work outside

• Ability to lift 50lbs

• Ability to use ride on spreader/sprayer

• Safely operate equipment within proper standards

• Manage route efficiently and in a timely manner

• Must be state certified at least in 3A

• Good Driving record is required.


Email jeremy@hundredacrewoodsinc.com