Marketing to the Next Generation

Jan 23 2017 - 3:00pm
Call them what you want — Millennials, Generation Y, Generation We — it doesn’t change the reality that most of them grew up just as one era ended and another began. They’re old enough to remember what life was like before high-speed Internet, but young enough to lead the digital revolution. Many years from now, they will bore our grandchildren with stories about ancient things like “dial-up modems” and “books.” In the meantime, we’re dealing with our shortened attention spans, student debt and smartphone obsession. You’ll learn what it takes to attract, manage and sell to this powerful generation and why you just can’t ignore them anymore.
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Merchandise Concepts

Anne Obarski is a professional speaker and CEO of Merchandise Concepts, working with companies who want to become “contagious” ….on purpose.
Anne is a highly requested speaker for nursery and landscape associations and businesses within the U.S. and Canada. She has been a contributing columnist to Garden Center Magazine and is the author and co-author of 5 books on customer service and newest book, "Make Your Customer Service CONTAGIOUS".
She has spoken internationally to more than 100,000 business people over the last 32 years and says she is addicted to the green industry and is determined to challenge you to make your business contagious, on purpose.